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All of the handcrafts I create are basically hobbies. They are not meant to be a significant source of income, therefore, this is not a commercial web site with all the bells and whistles.I have made an effort to set up a means for you to order some items. If you want a specific design not listed, you can email me and we can see if it is possible. Occasionally, I sell as part of a fund raiser for various causes and I may set up at a local show now and then. Generally, my handcrafts are created as gifts. As my creativity tends to run in cycles, sometimes I have a lot of completed items on hand and sometimes just a few.

Now and then, right after a showing, there is a run of requests that I try to satisfy. That is the purpose of this web site. To provide a handcraft specific communication portal where somone can come and request something specific (specific colors, size, image...).

At the bottom of each page is an email link and a link to order an item.

I have set up different pages for "groups" of handcrafts to keep from having one extensive, slow loading page. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find a gift for someone or for yourself.


Jewelry I first started creating jewelry trying to replicate a broken set of dream catcher earrings. I was successful and a few friends wanted me to make a set for them. I started making them to be spure of the moment gifts as random acts of kindness. Now and then a recipeint would show someone who in turn would request a set. I now create earings including dream catchers, straight dangles and feathers. I also make necklaces. Most stones are natural and most beads are Czech Glass Beads. All ear hooks are listed as hypo alergenic.
Hair Jewlery This catagory is just that, hair accessories from strands to feather cascades. The first one was made for a request when hair wrapping was popular and now they just happen now and then when I sit to create or when someone makes a request.
Wood burning While looking for jewelry supplies in a hobby store, I came accross a wood burning beginners kit and the rest is history. The majority of my wood burning is done as a gift for a specific person in mind. Now and then, I create something "just because" and if I have a few on hand, take them to showings.
Woodworking Generally I only do wood working as gifts or on request. This includes bird houses, dog houses, benches, trailer rebuilds and furnature repairs. If you have a specific need for woodworking, email me and we will see what can be done.